Why TopSourced Talent?

Talent acquisition strategies that drive success.

The TopSourced Difference

At TopSourced Talent, we believe the search process should be one of possibility, not strife. We aim to make our clients’ jobs easier and to match them with impactful talent that will make their companies better. That’s why we create meaningful relationships with both our client companies and our qualified talent.

Our difference is in our name – TopSourced. We are continually sourcing talent and building relationships with the best and the brightest. We know who the right fit will be, and who is ready to make an impact on your organization.

Why Choose Us

Are you looking for leadership or C-suite jobs in New England? TopSourced Talent works with professionals, managers, leaders and executives with backgrounds in several key functions.

Industry Expertise

We bring over two decades of experience to the table. We ask the right questions, learning about your culture, business goals and strategy, and the nuances of each role. We use that with our market expertise to find your ideal candidate.

Candidate Recruitment

Many of the best candidates in the market are currently employed and aren’t looking for you. We actively engage those individuals who are not looking for new opportunities today but are open to the possibility of a chance to grow.

Robust Candidate Network

We never lose touch with exceptional talent. Over the years, we have built and maintained strong candidate relationships, giving you access to our unique network of talent with a proven track record of success at their organizations.

Confidential Searches

We understand that searches are often confidential. When engaging in a confidential search, our team operates with discretion to protect your company while ensuring we find the best candidate for the role.

Compensation Negotiation

Losing a candidate in the offer stage can be devastating. We operate with full transparency throughout the search process, so candidates are never surprised, and we help both parties navigate compensation negotiation when necessary.

Strategic Partnerships

We are a firm built on partnerships. We form long-standing partnerships with our clients and talent, and we are supported by strategic partnerships with DGC CPAs and Business Advisors and C-Suite IMPACT.